New York City Watershed: Questions, Programs, & Resources
New York City’s main source of drinking water – an interconnected series of reservoirs covering almost 2,000 square miles across parts of eight New York counties and Fairfield County, Connecticut – is an invaluable resource. Protecting the watershed is a high priority for many government agencies and private organizations. We hope the links below will help you learn more about the importance of protecting the watershed and how you can help. These resources are part of an ongoing effort on behalf of the Open Accessible Space Information System (OASIS NYC) to provide information to the thousands of people who visit the OASIS website each week to better understand their neighborhoods and the stewardship and sustainability of the city’s open space resources.

View watershed features in Google Earth:

Watershed Basins and Sub-Basins

Frequently Asked Questions About the NYC Watershed

Where is the Watershed?

How full are the reservoirs?

How the NYC Watershed is being protected
NYC Department of Environmental Protection:

Other Programs & Resources for the NYC Watershed

Government programs & resources:
Nonprofit and private programs & resources:

The compilation and display of this information via the OASIS NYC website was funded, in part, by the Watershed Agricultural Council, with the support of the USDA Forest Service.