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Sherman Creek Project SECYE:Friends of Sherman Creek

Mission: Friends of Sherman Creek is a "friends of a park" group,created for the restoration,preservation, and conservation of the salt marsh-mudflat wetlands of Sherman Creek located on the Harlem River.We want to build a Bilingual Environmental Education Center at Sherman Creek to educate the large hispanic community about the natural wildlife of the Harlem River/NY Harbor Estuary, to create ownership of our parks among the residents of Wahington Heights and Inwood, and to promote alternative careers in Environmental Conservation.We also want public access to the waterfront in order to promote alternative healthy activities such a kayaking, rowing, and sailing.We believe that this Env.Ed Center will also be an effective land use that will boost tourism and economic development to Northern Manhattan.

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Focus Areas:

    • Arts, Culture
    • Community Improvement and Capacity Building
    • Education
    • Employment, Job Related
    • Environment
    • Recreation and Sports
    • Research in Science, Technology, and Social Sciences
    • Youth

Site types on which the group works:

    • Stream / River / Canal
    • Waterfront / Beach / Shoreline
    • Watershed / Sewershed
    • Natural / Restoration Area
    • Park
    • School Yard

Services the group provides:

    • Data
    • Educational Curricula
    • Labor: Volunteers / Students / Interns
    • Service Learning Projects(Coastal cleanups and Scientific studies)

Contact Information:
Address: 41 Bennett Avenue Suite 6
New York, NY  10033
Contact Person: Obed Fulcar
Email: ofulcar
Phone: 212.740881

Year group was founded: 2004

Property jurisdiction on which the group works:
Public and Private

Organization size:
Paid Staff: 0 to 1
Volunteers: 6 to 10
Members: 2 to 3
Annual Budget: $0-1,000
Primary Funding Source: Fees/Program/Income

Places where the organization works:
Counties: New York County
States: New York

Feedback or more information about this Organization? Email Us.
FSID: 14A1002