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Lower East Side Ecology Center

Mission: The Lower East Side Ecology Center works toward a more sustainable New York City by providing community-based recycling and composting programs, developing local stewardship of green space, and increasing community awareness, involvement and youth development through environmental education programs.

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Focus Areas:

    • Animal Related
    • Arts, Culture
    • Community Improvement and Capacity Building
    • Education
    • Environment
    • International, Foreign Affairs, and National Security
    • Recreation and Sports
    • Research in Science, Technology, and Social Sciences
    • Youth
    • Recycling

Site types on which the group works:

    • Waterfront / Beach / Shoreline
    • Watershed / Sewershed
    • Apartment Grounds
    • Community Garden
    • Flower box / Planter
    • Park
    • Public Right of Way
    • Street Tree
    • Urban Farm
    • Courtyard / Atrium / Plaza
    • Front Yard / Back Yard
    • Green Building
    • Rooftop
    • School Yard

Services the group provides:

    • Community Organizing
    • Educational Curricula
    • Public Relations / Outreach
    • Technical Assistance

Contact Information:
Address: PO Box 20488
New York, NY  10009
Contact Person: Christine Datz-Romero
Phone: (212)477-4022

Year group was founded: 1987

Property jurisdiction on which the group works:
Public and Private

Organization size:
Paid Staff: 6 to 10
Volunteers: 11+
Members: 11+
Annual Budget: $500,000-$1 MILLION
Primary Funding Source: Fees/Program/Income

Places where the organization works:
Counties: Bronx County, Kings County, New York County, Queens County

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FSID: 99M2293