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Hudson River Foundation

Mission: The Hudson River Foundation seeks to make science integral to decision-making with regard to the Hudson River and its watershed and to support competent stewardship of this extraordinary resource. This purpose is pursued through support of scientific research; communication to expand knowledge about the river among the scientific community, policy makers, and the public at large; initiatives to enhance management of the Hudson ecosystem; education about the River; and physical improvements to the riverfront. The New York City Environmental Fund, managed by the Foundation, encourages active community stewardship of NYC's waterways, shorelines, parklands and open spaces.

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Focus Areas:

    • Environment
    • Research in Science, Technology, and Social Sciences
    • Grantmaking Foundation

Site types on which the group works:

Services the group provides:

Contact Information:
Address: 17 Battery Place, Suite 915
New York, NY  10004
Contact Person: Lisa Garrison
Phone: 212-483-7667

Year group was founded: 1981

Property jurisdiction on which the group works:

Organization size:
Paid Staff: 6 to 10
Annual Budget:
Primary Funding Source:

Places where the organization works:
States: New York, New Jersey

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FSID: 99M2321