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Earth Celebrations

Mission: Earth Celebrations is a non-profit organization based in New York City dedicated to fostering ecologcal awareness through community-based arts projects such as theatrical pageants/parades, art and ecology worksops, exhibitions, and performances. Since 1991, Earth Celebration has been working with the people of the Lower East Side and throughout New York City to preserve their community gardens.

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Focus Areas:

    • Environment

Site types on which the group works:

    • Community Garden
    • Park

Services the group provides:

    • Community Organizing
    • Public Relations / Outreach
    • Educational enironmental arts programs

Contact Information:
Address: 638 East 6th St
New York, NY  10009
Contact Person: Felicia Young
Phone: 212-777-7969

Year group was founded: 1991

Property jurisdiction on which the group works:
Public and Private

Organization size:
Paid Staff: 0 to 1
Volunteers: 11+
Members: 11+
Annual Budget: $50,000-$100,000
Primary Funding Source: Individual Memberships

Places where the organization works:

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FSID: 11A1335