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The Open Accessible Space Information System (OASIS) website provides the richest source of community maps for New York City -- free and all in one place. It helps nonprofits, community groups, educators, students, public agencies, and local businesses develop a better understanding of their environment with interactive maps of open spaces, property information, transportation networks, and more.

Your support can help keep this valuable resource freely accessible to the tens of thousands of people who use it to make more than 1 million maps each year.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Funding support
OASIS relies on grants, sponsorships, and contributions to offset its operating costs and to fund new projects. The Forest Service and others have already invested more than $500,000 in OASIS. You can leverage that investment and help OASIS achieve a sustainable level of funding by: Join with a network of supporters to help sustain OASIS. Here's more information on how OASIS has been funded.

2. Data sharing
OASIS integrates data from many sources. We add value to your data because website visitors can view it in relation to parks, community gardens, subways and ferries, tax parcels, aerial photos, and several dozen other "layers" of information about the city.

Most of OASIS's basic map features are provided by government agencies. But OASIS also combines "official" data with mapped information collected by the community -- such as local tree plantings, habitat sites, natural areas, and waterfront access sites. This is what helps make OASIS uniquely valuable -- even more than other global mapping sites -- because all this information is accessible in one place online.

Contact us to discuss what's involved with adding your data to this growing network of shared data about the city. Please read our guidelines for website content (PDF). We may need to jointly raise funds to cover the costs of adding it, or it may be easy enough to add directly.

3. Participation
Your involvement will help strengthen OASIS. Beyond the website, OASIS is a great way to network with others involved in open space and community planning issues in the New York region.

We invite you to participate by:

  • attending Steering Committee meetings -- we meet several times a year to decide the overall direction for the project;
  • join a subcommittee to work on specific areas such as education, stewardship, and natural resources; and
  • propose a partnership project. Here are some examples of existing partnerships.