Here are the latest updates and enhancements to the OASIS interactive maps:
  • New parcel data. Now that PLUTO is available from the NYC Department of City Planning for free, we have updated the parcel data on OASIS with the 2013 v1 release of PLUTO.
  • Aerial photos: Now includes 2012 aerial imagery for New York City.
  • Redistricting. All legislative districts — Congress, state legislature, and NYC Council — represent the new district lines after the 2012 federal and state redistricting and the 2013 City Council districting process.
  • Zoning: Reflects the latest data (March 2014) from NYC Dept of City Planning.
  • Schools and libraries: Current as of 2013.
  • ZIP Codes: Current as of 2013.
  • Comprehensive Restoration Plan (CRP) sites: Current as of 2012 as part of an overall update with the U.S. EPA Region 2 and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers through their Waters We Share initiative. See this map for an easy way of viewing the CRP sites.

For more information:

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